How do we do it

Project management

We provide world class project management, and have in-house PMP certified experts, who own the tasks from the very beginning till deployment.

Our team makes complex processes simple to control and integrate. Our customers do not have to be experts in corporate wear management – we are.

4 axes methodology

Our patented, fully digital 4 axes auditing tools, are the start of a working relationship. Our methodology provides insight to the current used corporate wear products and services to establish the starting point and prepare a road map of user and organizational needs. We turn every corner stone of an organization and provide mass data, quantitative and qualitative, and provide illustrative insight.

This tool is built to link various sources of information within organizations, and using our involvement matrix, we connect the dots in teams to draw a full data picture.

Find-My-Size, our digital size adviser

Sizing is not a challenge anymore. We provide a tool for digital assessment of the wearers, so that finding the right size and fit of any garment takes only a moment and provides over 95% of accuracy. This tool ensures smooth roll out of new uniform collections and eliminates the extra cost of exchanging and returning garments.

We make personal equipment really personal

Springter, the first humancentric IT tool, built to manage any personal protection equipment in dispersed organizations, is our response to the need of transparency, efficiency and cost control, with a human touch.

Problems are turned into opportunities to connect people and data from various departments and see the big picture. Users can not only order items, but also provide live feedback about them and the service level experienced.

The system does it all: allows for data-based planning, ordering and replenishment as it connects users, supervisors, procurement, occupational risk prevention, human resources, warehouse, logistics operators and any other department dealing with management of corporate wear.

Finally, you can really control what you buy, how much of it, and where it’s allocated.

A diverse and global
manufacturing portfolio

We have our own manufacturing capacity based in Europe, and a reliable network of quality subcontractors. Because of our diverse manufacturing portfolio, including specialist protective garments, we always develop and own the technical specifications or the garments in-house.

This assures that we can not only fully control the supply chain of raw materials and accessories, but also, to fully inspect, at any moment, the quality of production.

All our sites are quality certified, and operating transparently.

RevolveLCA to care for the environment

As a family, we believe that legacy is important, and as such, caring for the environment is our commitment.

We have therefore created Revolve, a tool allowing for closing the loop of sustainability and ensuring, that all the steps taken upon the creation and maintenance of a garment have a calculated environmental impact.

Our calculator allows to visualize the current footprint of corporate wear management, and to see the gaps for improvement. We can also provide industrial benchmarks on sustainability and create a plan for improvement against those.

Providing training sessions with the end users and specific maintenance planning for the garments are also a part of the value proposal.

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