What we do

We discover the pains, and provide relief to people in organizations, managing corporate wear projects. We are able to discover the challenges through root cause analysis regardless of the complexity of the problem.

We design for life

Our products and services are based on a no-nonsense principle: the solutions will be efficient only when they respond to a real need.

We serve individuals

Being a service organization, we want to be in touch not just with the management teams of our customers, but with the people who carry out the every day work. They need to feel safe, confident, and fit for their job.

Our role is to provide them with the right garment: comfortable, functional, looking great for the job done and durable. And get it to them exactly when needed.

We manage the whole life cycle of the garments

Not only provide design and manufacturing, but more importantly, take over the operational aspects of managing the complete supply chain, from cradle to cradle. We calculate the real total cost of ownership of a garment, and provide an array of solutions to reduce it.

Responsibility with the

We make sure that our activities leave the least possible footprint on the environment – so when providing solutions, we look at their total cost impact and carbon footprint.

Our clients

Our brands