Who we are

Most of all, a family, with a long tradition. Started out over 70 years ago, and just as any family, we have grown and expanded and become more diverse, but always stayed true to our values.

Inspired by artists, managed by engineers

Imagine the world of corporate fashion, inspired by artists, but managed by engineers – just to be safe. This is how we are and that is what we do.

Our team

We have built a unique team, composing of

Extremely talented visual artists
Our trend hunters, sensitive to the changing needs of todays world.

R&D and test engineers
Who relentlessly carry out research and develop the technical solutions to maximize the effect of textile innovation.

Project managers
Greatly educated and experienced in providing down-to-earth tracking of every task.

Management team
That provides guidance, support, and long-term vision for our business.

Delivery teams
Ensuring that promises are rolled out on time and commitments are fulfilled.

Our strength

Comes from being a team – many nationalities, inclusive and diverse in gender and age, where each of us contributes, where we tie together tradition and unconventional thinking, providing insight to how things should be done.

Our clients

Our brands